Sherry Harris Counselling
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Once you have decided you are ready to work on your issues, you may wonder where to start. Picking the right counsellor and the willingness to explore your inner terrain are the two most important factors in beginning your journey to wellness. When we meet for the first time we will talk about what you want to change in your life and we will create a plan together on how to clear the issues that have been holding you back. Counselling is a two-way process, it is not me telling you what to do or how to be. We work together to help you find your best answers. 

I cannot give you an estimate of how long it will take to bring resolution and healing to your issues; it all depends on how deeply you want to go. I work 7 days a week to provide as much availability as possible. My rates are $130 an hour, but I do offer flexibility for those who have no benefit plan. I am covered by all benefit plans other than Manualife who only reimburses for Psychologists. I am a registered social worker working under the supervision of a registered psychologist. I am willing to work by phone or Skype for those who do not wish to come to my home office.

I offer a 15 minute free consultation on the phone for us to decide if we would be a good fit. 613-236-8852. I look forward to hearing from you. Taking the step and finding the courage to work on those issues which are holding you back from fully enjoying your life is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Individual Counselling or call 613-236-8852