Sherry Harris Counselling
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Coaching and psychotherapy go hand in hand. They mix and mingle and are always headed in the same direction--the resolution of a problem/issue. Both involve an exchange between client and counsellor to explore issues that may be lending to emotional discomfort in some area of your life.. Both promote health, balance and well-being. I see psychotherapy as the right choice when the issues involved have more of an emotional background to them. Issues of anxiety, depression, anger, grief, addiction are more easily resolved with psychotherapeutic skills and expertise. Coaching would be more appropriate to issues of life-style change such as retirement or dealing with sudden job loss or change. Sometimes clients who benefit from coaching just want to be more assertive, to feel better about themselves or to be more confident socially or in public speaking. There are many reasons to use a coach, all of which entail sharing a journey with your counsellor that will lead to increased well-being, balance and good health in your life. or call 613-236-8852