Sherry Harris Counselling
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Energy Work
I have been a conduit for God’s healing energy for many years. I am a Reiki Master under the Usui system, a certified Matrix Enegetics Practitioner, A certified Spiritual Healer, an IET Practitioner,  Body Talk Practitioner and most recenlty trained in Fibonacci Sound Therapy. Basically at this point I would say it all works together, it all flows from the Divine and it does not matter what I call it or which protocol I use. It comes as it is meant to, when it is meant to, and to whom it is meant to. God’s Plan, not mine. I am grateful to be a tool in God’s toolbox, as I believe we all are. 

I believe we are all healers to one another and this is done through counselling, touching, loving, sharing and just plain kindness. If you wish a focused healing session for any reason, I am happy to book a session for you. Many things will come up in the session. You will get what you get and I guarantee it will be interesting, useful and powerful. My rates for healing sessions are the same as for my counselling sessions, $130 per generous hour.I

I have recently been trained in the use of the Fibonacci tuning forks. This hour long healing process restores and  balances energy and elevates levels of consciousness in a way I have never experienced in all my years of healing and working with many, many different healing modalities. One client after three sessions started to see etheric beings in higher dimensions. That may or may not be what spirit has in store for you, but a great frequency shift to a higher level of spiritual vibrations will be initiated with the Fibonacci tuning work sessions. or call 613-236-8852