Sherry Harris Counselling
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Spiritual Counselling
Sherry was ordained as a spiritual non-denominational interfaith minister in 1993 through Dan Chesbro and the Order of Melchizedek. With the Order, Sherry studied healing and counselling each summer in their School for Prophets. She was certified a spiritual healer by Minister Sigrid Sommer of the Ottawa Spiritualist Church in 2005. Recently through her year long intensive Voice for Love Program Sherry has been certified again as a spiritual counsellor, teacher, facilitator and minister. In 2013 Sherry was again ordained in Abba Ministries of Halifax and obtained her license to be a wedding officiant in Ontario.

Sherry has always known her work with her self and her clients was guided lovingly by Spirit. Spirit teaches in a gentle, kind, yet firm way. We are never given more than we can handle in this moment. Spirit never wants us to feel badly about ourselves. We do that all too well ourselves. Spirit/ God/ All That Is wants us to love ourselves as we are loved by Source. The role of spiritual counselling is to help us remove the barriers we have created that keep us from remembering who we are, keep us from loving ourselves as God does, and from connecting to God within on a consistent basis.

Spiritual counselling’s goal is to help us remember that we are love, always have been and always will be. Anything else we are feeling has been superimposed upon us by the societal and familial conditioning we have grown up with. Learning to love ourselves as God loves us is the most beautiful work we can do. And as we love ourselves that love flows out to all life around us.

From the time of birth we start shutting ourselves down out of fear of not receiving love and nurturance. The pain of not feeling loved and loveable, even as an infant, is so great we will develop whatever walls we can to protect ourselves from the pain of not feeling loved, worthy and loveable. Those walls get thicker and thicker with each passing year until we have shut our hearts down, have let mind/ego take over and we no longer remember who we are. Gently dissembling these protective, yet very limiting barriers, is the work of spiritual counselling. Freeing your heart to fully love is the most powerful and rewarding work you will ever do for yourself. We chose to come into the physical to work with the emotions. Learning to love your self is what each one of us came in to do regardless of other soul choices. If we truly loved our self there would be no reason to incarnate; we would do our work in spirit.

As we peel away the layers of fear, doubt, anger, pain, resentment and grief that we have taken on lifetime after lifetime, we start to feel light, hopeful and more vibrantly alive. The love we are starts flowing freely, filling us and overflowing onto all around us in gentle waves of well-being. In spiritual counselling we are reminded that we are fully responsible for healing whatever comes to us. We are not victims; conversely, we are very powerful healers capable of restoring ourselves to wholeness. Assisting each person to find that path is the work/play of a dedicated spiritual counsellor. or call 613-236-8852