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Sherry provides counselling, consultation and assessment services for all emotional issues and situations. As a heart-centered counsellor for over 25 years, not only in private practice, but working in hospitals and two different social service agencies, her experience with generic counselling ( basically, whatever walks through the door) has been put to the test. There is no issue too painful, too challenging, too heartbreaking, or too frightening for Sherry to work with.

She helps individuals, couples and families work with issues of grief and loss, anger and anxiety, depression and disillusionment. She has developed special approaches, unique to her practice, for working with couples and families. She helps couples to hold their marriages together if that is the healthy choice and, if not, to dissolve the relationships with grace, compassion and fairness. Helping separated and divorced parents maintain a respectful relationship to share the children in the family is a high priority. Trained in mediation, Sherry is able to work with couple’s strengths and commonalities, rather than focusing on their differences. Her family work is well known for its healing approach in fostering healthy, respectful communication among all members of the family, young and old.

Sherry's speciality is The Inner Child Work first introduced by John Bradshaw back in the late 1980's. Our inner child is our subconscious, emotional self. If wounded, which most children are (only because parents generally do not know how to teach children they are love, loved and loveable) the childhood pain, hurt, fears, and angers end up driving our adult emotional life much like the operating system on our computer. Heal you inner child and heal your life. If you want to be able to be emotionally clear and balanced, be capable of building and sustaining relationships, the inner child work is essential. It is the most successful tool for creating a healthy, happy and rewarding life.

Sherry is trained in heart-centered, client-focused therapy which honours the client and works from the premise that with wisdom, guidance and support the client has the resources within them to create their own best solutions. She will not tell you what to do. She will support your learning to find your own solutions from the well of knowledge that resides within you and each one of us.

Sherry is a trained facilitator for anger management. Where she used to work in groups to help people identify and release the causes of their anger and rage, she now prefers to work one-on-one. This approach provides a more individually focused therapy to facilitate healing rage and managing anger, two very separate issues. Anger is manageable, rage is not. It is the raging inner child within that is acting out, often in very destructive ways. Inner child work, originally pioneered by John Bradshaw back in the 70’s, is the most effective avenue to reach that part within in us that is wounded and crying out for love. Sherry uses inner child work as a basis for helping the frightened child within us to grow up to feel safe and loved. It is the most powerful and efficacious means she knows to get to the root of self-destructive behaviours.

If you are in crisis, Sherry can generally find time to see you within a 24 hour period. If she thinks you need other help she will be able to refer you to appropriate resources.

Because Sherry knows how difficult it can be for clients to fit counselling into their busy schedules, she offers evening and weekend appointments as well as 9-5 weekdays. Sherry works under the supervision of a licensed psychologist which permits her to provide insurance receipts with her name and his on it, making them reimbursable under most insurance plans. Be sure to check and see if your insurance provider requires a referral for counselling from your doctor.

Sherry’s fees are $140 per hour. There is no HST attached as she is a provider of mental health services. If you wish Sherry to come to you, traveling time will be charged at her regular hourly rate. Phone sessions and Skype sessions may also be arranged for those who are unable to attend in person. Cancellations are required 48 hours prior to your appointment. 

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