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My Ministry
Having been an ordained interfaith minister The Order of Melchizedek since 1993, I have had many opportunities to perform services for people requesting a minister who works from her heart and is not aligned with any particular religious group, tenet or practice. I became ordained in a second interfaith minister in 2008 when I completed my training with The Voice for Love. With them I also became a certified teacher, facilitator, counsellor and minister. I am ordained because it brings meaning to my commitment to God, Love and The Innate Goodness of Life.

I became ordained in Abba Ministries in 2013 and since then have become registered with the Province of Ontario as a wedding officiant. I officiate over and help create ceremonies for those who do not wish to be married in the church. Ceremonies may be short and sweet or longer and more elaborate.. Together we will create your dream wedding and special for you. Once you have your lisence, you may be married at my home for $150, your site in Ottawa for $300 or $350 outside of Ottawa. Additional fees for rehearsals.

I have had the delight to perform baptisms, welcomings, and naming ceremonies. These are written up by the family and myself and are a gift of the heart. For those who are not attached to a particular church this is a loving way to welcome a new child into the world and into the family. All family members are invited to play a part no matter how young. Creating your own ceremony for each child brings a lasting memory of love, joy, and the celebration of life.

I have presided over Awakes wherein one who is transitioning has their farewell party with the people they love before becoming so ill the gathering cannot be enjoyed. This has been a wonderful gift to their loved ones. I work with the family of the loved one transitioning to create a ceremony/party that will be meaningful and joyful to all. These ceremonies are becoming more frequently held than wakes. Why not let the person transitioning have a chance to enjoy their family and friends before they leave. This is not a wake, but a Celebration of Life.

Another popular event I create is House-Warmings. Helping the family in a new home clear previous energies and bring love, vitality and abundance into their lives is a meaningful and useful ceremony whether done with just the family or with the addition of loving friends.

I have been asked to speak to families who have sustained the painful loss of a beloved child, partner, sibling, parent or dear friend. Grieving is a very difficult, challenging and unique process that everyone goes through in their own way. Honouring and respecting your own way of grieving, as well as those connected to the loved one, family or friends, is the way toward eventual wholeness and restored feelings of wanting to share love again.

I have been also asked to come in and speak to businesses who have lost an employee suddenly. Everyone needs to be able to grieve in their own way and have someone outside of the office to talk to if needed. I have also hosted groups for people grieving losses whether of friends or family or beloved pets. Sharing grief does not deepen it, but rather lightens the pain by the love and support given and received. Society thinks we should pick up our socks and get over loss far too quickly for true healing to happen. We never forget, but by allowing ourselves all the time we each need we can move forward with a heart still open to loving. Closing off grief too quickly leaves a void, an emptiness that is hard to recover from. Do your grieving, honour yourself and don’t rush. You’ll know when you are ready to fully embrace life again. or call 613-236-8852