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Welcome to Sherry Harris Counselling
Welcome to my site. The very fact that you are considering counselling for yourself, your relationship or your family  is to be congratulated. You are taking the the first step forward in your healing journey,  getting started on the most meaningful work you will ever undertake. Experiencing counselling is like going to the school of you where each session you are learning more and more about your uniqueness, what makes you tick, what holds you back from living fully and what will propel you forward to create the life you want for yourself. 

Although choosing to start counselling is the biggest piece by far in the counselling puzzle,  choosing the right counsellor is the next.  I encourage you to do your research and pick carefully. If you are not satisfied with your choice and the relationship you have established with your  therapist is not comfortable, supportive and productive, do not be afraid to speak up. To me counselling work is love made visible.    I invite you to  join me in a  deep, personal and meaningful journey.... the best journey you will ever take----the journey home to yourself. 

It is not important that you know exactly what you want to work on. In fact, the presenting issue often is not what we end up exploring. The joy is in finding out together just what is keeping you from living the life you want. Getting to the root of our issues helps us to keep from repeating the same patterns over and over. Counselling is like working together to create a puzzle one exciting piece at a time.
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